It may be said that the seeds of Astronomusic were planted when, in 1991, Adrianne Simioni (electric guitar and violin) and Zozimo Rech (electric and acoustic guitar) were introduced to each other. The occasion was the creation of Orquestra Profana, a group dedicated to the interpretation of classical music with “profane” instruments, i.e., electric guitars and synthesizers. In their talkings, the subjects of science (mainly astronomy) and arts (mostly music) would come again and again.

It's not unusual to hear that the scientific point of view “sterilizes” or “unromanticizes” what it focuses. No matter how, it works and gives us access to wonderful advances in countless aspects of our welfare. Regarding this, suffice to acknowledge  the evolution of an observation of a mere shining point at the sky by the naked eye (which also has a very special appeal in its own simple nature) into a hi-resolution digital image of a planet only possible through the joint  effort of generations dedicated to techno-scientific understanding.

Aeons past, when primitive men sat around the fire, looked at the night sky and imagined the stars as others celestial fires, they certainly created art related to that. Nowadays, we contemplate the sky with knowledge of the life of the stars, that their light may be the support for civilizations in planetary systems and their collapse may affect catastrophically an entire region of the galaxy. It shouldn't be considered nonsense the fact that this new manner of seeing the skies might also generate a subjective manifestation. Thus, the “coldness” inherent to science does not create necessarily an obstacle to the artistic interpretation of its fruits and a creative mind will always discover new ways with dramatic potential yet to be explored. The study of the universe, its development, its beginning, its end will always have a strong call and the arts inspired by this theme will find people that appreciate them as much by the merit of the subject as, perhaps, through some instinctive association with art inspired by myths of creation and end of times .

So, our aim with Astronomusic is to make music to every person that has already contemplated the skies... been delighted... and eventually asked him/herself :      ?