Zozimo Rech was born in Novo Hamburgo, south of Brazil, and got his first electric guitar when he was 17 years old as a gift for attaining first place in the admission exam for the engineering course in the university. In 1987 his guitar solo was chosen as one of the top ten in a guitar competition promoted by the main FM radio station in southern Brazil (Atlântida FM). In 1988, in an interview at Radio da Universidade (Porto Alegre City) he presented his interpretation of Paganin's Moto Perpetuo performed on electric guitar and expressed his desire to continue experimenting with this instrument in a classical context. During the setentrional Autumn - Winter quarters of 1990-1991, he resided in Ireland and central Europe for further professional training  in engineering. Direct contact with that magnificent culture made a profound impression on him and brought strong convictions to his artistic side. Back in Brazil, he and other musicians joined in the meridional Spring of 1991 to form Orquestra Profana, an ensemble dedicated to the interpretation of classical scores by the use of electric guitars and synthesizers. From the first concert to the group's last appearance in September 1995, Zozimo performed many pieces among them, the solo ("violino principale") of Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons", even in an occasion when Orquestra Profana joined a conventional string orchestra. In this group, Zozimo met Adrianne Simioni and this relationship has flourished due to common interests in art and science. Zozimo and Adrianne were the only unchanged members along the group's history. When Orquestra Profana ceased its activities, Zozimo decided to improve his skills in harmony, couterpoint and electronic music using synthesizers and sequencers. Soon he began working on "The Life Of A Star" finished just before a six month stay in Los Angeles (1997-1998) where he joined Melissa Jackson's country rock band as a guitarist. "The Life Of A Star" is a progressive rock instrumental album with themes related to astrophysics, using many synthesized sounds but still the guitars prevail. It was copyrighted in 1997 but its publishing would wait for a more appropriate moment. With the beginning of a new century inspiring optimistic and futuristic thoughts, Zozimo conceived a continuation to "The Life Of A Star" and its realization in a studio where he could have control to over stages of its elaboration: the performance and recording of all the instruments and music gear. From this idea came the simultaneous publishing in 2006 of "The Life Of A Star", its sequel titled "Pictures Of A Solar System", and the production of Adrianne Simioni's CD "The Intelligible Sky". In May 2010 Zozimo won the international Carl Martin Vip Contest with the video below. Carl Martin is a Danish manufacturer of high quality products for guitar.