by Zozimo Rech

Part 1 - A Star Is Born

       1. In A Nebula - Interestellar gases in the process of condensation. 1'32  

       2. Ignition - The start of the nuclear reactions. 4'49

       3. Shock Wave - A powerful explosion disturbs the peace of space. 3'27

Part 2 - The Age Of Light

        4. Queen Star - Sovereign and imposing, ruling over the solar system. 4'53

        5. Solar Wind - Particles and radiation of the star sweeping space. 0'50

        6. Dancing With The Invisible - The star orbits a black hole. 3'47

Part 3 - Crepuscular Years

        7. The Inner Fight - Through billions of years, the smashing gravitational force of the star will be  containedeby the nuclear violence. 4'05                 

        8. The Collapsing Star - Ceasing the nuclear reactions, the star explodes as a Supernova. 7'18

Part 4 - Memories

       9. Small And White - The collapsed star becomes a White Darf, without the splendor and magnificence of old. 0'42

       10. Bells Constellation - Far-way from there and much later, beigs contemplate the beaty of the star, unaware that it no longer exists.    5'25

Total Time: 36'55''


"The Life Of A Star" was composed and arranged by Zózimo Rech. All intruments in all track were performed and sequenced by Zózimo Rech. Produced by Zózimo Rech.

Tracks 1 to 10 register numbers: BR-ZZH-06-00001;BR-ZZH-06-00002;BR-ZZH-06-00003;BR-ZZH-06-00004;BR-ZZH-06-00005;


The Life Of A Star

© 1997 Zózimo Rech

Library Of Congress, USA.