by Adrianne Simioni

1. Around The Fire - Ancient people look to the stars. 4'10''

2. Gods In The Sky - Legends and myths become constellations. 5'45''

3. Superstitious Minds - Catastrophes... plagues... fall of kings... all written on stars. 0'34''

4. Stellar Calendar (Pastoral):

  •         (from 0:00) Time To Sow;
  •         (from0:55) Season Of Rains;
  •         (from 1:19) Growing;
  •         (rom 1:41c) Threat Of Frost;
  •         (from 2:07) Harvest Moon;
  •         (from 3:19) Work Is Done!;
  •         (from 3:30)  Thanks Given!;
  •         (from 4:06) Cadenza;
  •         (from 6:05) The Cycle Starts Anew. 7'09''
  • 5. Scientific Minds - But what really are the stars? 0'35''

    6. Theories - Natural events become letters and numbers:

    •         (from 0min00sec) Oh! There Comes That Star Again!;
    •         (from 0min24sec) Systematic Notes Of The Stellar Tracks;
    •         (from 1min20sec) Testing  Formulas;
    •         (from 2min08sec) Miscalculations Leading To Darkness;
    •         (from 2min45) !!!!Eureka!!!!. 4'14''

    7. Giant Eyes - The frontiers of the universe are expanded with the invention of the telescope. [note: this piece is based on a  “ricercare”  composed by Vicenzo         Galilei (1520-1591), father of the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei.] 4'23''

    8. Jovian Moons (fugue) -  Four natural satellites ornamenting a planet. 1'26''

    9. Open Minds - Considering all the hypotheses:

    •         (from 0min00sec) Through Ingenuity;
    •          (from 1min25sec) Through Audacity. 5'24''

    10. Navigation - Knowledge of the night sky for maritime exploration:

    •         (from 0min00sec) The Sea;
    •         (from 0min08sec) Good Winds;
    •         (from 0min17sec) Ship Leaving Port;
    •         (from 0min50sec) High Seas;
    •         (from 1min15sec) Astrolabe Calculations;
    •         (from 1min31sec) Unknown Constellations;
    •         (from 2min14sec) Sea Storm;
    •         (from 3min08sec) Storm Darkness Leading To Route Miscalculation;
    •         (from 3min14sec) High Seas;
    •         (from 3min35sec) Astrolabe Calculations;
    •         (from 3min52sec) Unknown Constellations. 4'57'' 

    11. Spacetronic Eyes - Radars, radio-telescopes, X-ray and gamma-ray space probes, space          labs...collecting cosmic data. 5'51''

    12. Alien Eyes - Are we being observed? 4'47''

    Total Time: 49'24''

    All tracks composed by Adrianne Simioni except: "Giant Eyes" by Vicenzo Galilei; "Open Minds", "Spacetronic Eyes" and "Açien Eyes" by Adrianne Simioni and Zozimo Rech.All tracks arranged by Adrianne Simioni and Zozimo Rech except "Jovian Moons" and "Navigation" by Zozimo Rech. Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, lap steel guitars, elecric violin performed by Adrianne Simioni. Keyboard solo on "Gods In The Sky" by Zozimo Rech. Acoustic guitar improvisation on intro of "Open Minds" by Zozimo Rech. Electric guitar solo (left channel) on "Spacetronic Eyes" by Zozimo Rech. Produced by Zozimo Rech.

    Track 1 to 12 register numbers:BR-ZZH-06-00035;BR-ZZH-06-00036;BR-ZZH-06-00037;BR-ZZH-06-00038;BR-ZZH-06-00039;BR-ZZH-06-00040; BR-ZZH-06-00041;BR-ZZH-06-00042;BR-ZZH-06-00043;BR-ZZH-06-00044;BR-ZZH-06-00045;BR-ZZH-06-00046.

    The Intelligible Sky

    ©2006 Adrianne Simioni.

    Released in 2006.