1991 – Spring in the Southern Hemisphere…

A group of young musicians starts rehearsals to try out an idea. They are curious to hear how classical music would sound like replacing the instruments in a conventional orchestra by Rock music’s “sacred” instrument: the electric guitar.
In just a few weeks, the first concerts and the first of many appearances on national TV networks. Then many educational concerts in schools and a joint concert with a string orchestra.
The obstacles to maintaining such a non-commercial project in Brazil were the reasons of its termination in 1995.

Bach, Haendel, Mozart… but the pièce de résistance was Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”.

Looking back after almost a quarter of a century, we see that Orquestra Profana was something impracticable if one had money or utility in mind. It asked for audacity and open mindedness.In those days, without the communication facilities we have now, we asked ourselves if there was already a similar ensemble elsewhere. We wanted to do something original, we hated following trends (something that many young musicians wouldn’t understand). Orquestra Profana had to be avant-garde!

We two were the only constant members during the group’s existence, so we felt an obligation to register a studio version of what we did onstage in those years. And the connection between the four seasons and Astronomy made it a natural decision to record Vivaldi’s opus in our project Astronomusic.
We hope you enjoy it!
Zózimo & Adrianne

2014 – Spring in the Southern Hemisphere


"... Os puristas poderao odiar, mas eu achei o resultado sensacional. Um trabalho muito serio"
Juarez Fonseca, ZH Dominical, Porto Alegre, 26 março 2015

"... L'interpretation est sans faille, et la grace et la flamboyance d'une epoque pleine d'audace sont respectees tant dans l'equilibre harmonieux entre virtuosite et introspection, que dans un jeu empli de passion..."
Lucas Biela, Clair&Obscur, Paris, 15 Mai 2015

















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