by Zozimo Rech

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This album is a continuation of “The Life Of A Star”.

  Part I  ... From Ashes 

1. In A New Nebula: a nursery of  a new generation of  stars formed by a collapsed sun. 1'03''
2. From Ashes: the ignition of one of these stars. 3'39''
3. Burn Again: once more... light from darkness. 2'54''
4. The First Sunbeam: primordial photons of the new star diving into deep space. 1'05''


Part II Pictures Of A Solar System 

5. Planet Formation: gravitation interactions and violent processes generating some jewels of the solar  system. 3'06''
6. The First Sunrise: ... in a moment and in some place of a just formed planet... 0'50''
7. Seven Moons: natural satellites of different sizes running different orbits. 1'26''
8. Planetary Rings: countless orbital icy rocks  embellishing a planet. 2'45''
9. Asteroids Belt: a stony road for future explorers. 5'27''
10. Almost A Home: Planetoids wandering space. 0'48''
11. Comet Trip:
(from 0min00sec) in the Oort cloud;
(from 0min07sec) gravitational perturbations;
(from 0min22sec) acceleration;
(from 0min46sec) tail forming;
(from 1min09sec) perihelion;
(from 1min35sec) away from the sun. 1'51''
12. Meteor Rain: cosmic debris enter the atmosphere creating natural fireworks. 2'18''
13. Exotic Atmospheres: colorful veils of gases hiding the planetary surfaces. 1'49''
14. Exotic Oceans: depths of an alien ocean. 4'00''
15. Magnetic Storm: occasional powerful explosions on solar surface emitting highly energetic
 particles. 4'33''
16. Aurora: light curtains at planetary poles woven by solar wind. 3'52''
17. CMZ: circumstellar melting zone - too hot for the creation of bio-life. 1'44''
18. CHZ: circumstellar habitable zone. 1'15''
19. CFZ: circumstellar  frozen zone - too cold for the creation of bio-life. 2'01''


 Part III Age Of Life 

20. C-H-O-N: (four voice fugue) -  atoms interacting to form the bricks of life. 1'32''
21. Star Gazers:
(from 0min00sec) sunset and first stars;
(from 0min22sec) starry sky;
(from 1min07sec) extraordinary events and superstitions;
(from 1min42sec) deep space observation;
(from 2min26sec) dreaming about cosmos. 4'18''


Part IV Toward The Stars... 

22. High-Techers: technological development of a civilization. 2'02''
23. Explorers (from 0min00sec) rockets ignition; (from 1min25sec) reaching space; (from 3min24sec) space-time warp; (from 4min13sec) exploring; (from 6min01sec) feeling homesick; (from 8min10sec) exploring. 9'51''
24. Guiding Star: very far from home, the sun... a little lighthouse among others...reminding the explorers where they are from... 2'28'
      Total Time: 66'50''
"Pictures Of A Solar System" was composed and arranged by Zozimo Rech. All intruments in all track were performed and sequenced by Zozimo Rech. Produced by Zozimo Rech.

. Track 1 to 24 register numbers: BR-ZZH-06-00011;BR-ZZH-06-00012;BR-ZZH-06-00013;BR-ZZH-06-00014;BR-ZZH-06-00015;BR-ZZH-06-00016;BR-ZZH-06-00017;BR-ZZH-06-00018;BR-ZZH-06-00019;BR-ZZH-06-00020;BR-ZZH-06-00021;BR-ZZH-06-00022;BR-ZZH-06-00023;BR-ZZH-06-00024;BR-ZZH-06-00025;BR-ZZH-06-00026;BR-ZZH-06-00027;BR-ZZH-06-00028;BR-ZZH-06-00029;BR-ZZH-06-00030;BR-ZZH-06-00031;BR-ZZH-06-00032;BR-ZZH-06-00033;BR-ZZH-06-00034.

Pictures Of A Solar System

© 2006 Zozimo Rech.

Released in 2006.


Library Of Congress, USA.

 * * *


    I remember so well a sunny morning in December surfing the web in my search for beautiful sci-fi images on the internet.   Suddenly I had in front of me the perfect image, very inspiring and hypnotizing - appearing so real that it seemed to be calling me into that distant world pictured on my monitor.   When I contacted the artist I was delighted to learn I would have the opportunity to associate my music with those very same works of visual art... those far-off worlds of his imagination.   The artist turned out to be a very caring human being in his appreciation of my own efforts and his assistance and suggestions during the production of the cd-recording notes.   Visual arts have always impressed me - and only one artist has impressed me in a way so similar to the romantic Gaspar David Frederich - and that artist is Frank Hettick.

Zozimo Rech







Caspar David Friederich

German romantic painter (XVIII, XIX centuries)







Frank Hettick

American space artist (XX, XXI centuries and beyond...)



 * * *

Commentary by Hubertus Hoffman

Classical and Electronic Music Composer, Professor of Music (UFRGS, OSPA, -Brazil-)

        "Zozimo Rech, in his earlier album The Life Of A Star, based most of his tracks on the electric guitar – whereas his new Pictures Of A Solar System expands dramatically through his use of the electronic synthesizer.  The wide-ranging textural techniques he displays in this album – such as his Seven Moons where the aficionado may follow up to seven distinct voices ‘orbiting' around the sound system – are exceptional. And in Comet Trip he exquisitely manipulates a 13 notes melody using a saw tooth wave shape through filters, envelop generator, sustain pedal and modulation effects through his sequencer.

        He has, in this album, expanded his theme-variations technique: his Born From Ashes theme reappears in Planet Formation, Star Gazers, and Explorers; the fanfare in his introduction to Asteroid Belt comes around again but noticeably different in Almost A Home; CMZ (Circumstelar Melting Zone), CHZ (Circumstelar Habitable Zone) and CFZ (Circumstelar Frozen Zone) are three dimensions of another theme; and The First Sunbeam is closely related to his introduction for the piece Burn Again.  

        Listening to Zozimo's Pictures Of A Solar System has proved to be a great pleasure to me: a trip through the galaxy in a sequence of 24 ambients, all of them with moments of surprinsing serenity, even in the most vigorous pieces. Terrestrial and human quarrels are forgotten, leading us to unexpected comfortable spheres, inviting for meditation. Gravity is suspended... our  afflictions are undone... Explorers in this voyage to the stars should take this music with them as consolation."